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Bill Calcutt
Bill Calcutt Research Leader

Utilising the NSW SES in a multi-site case study, this research project pursues two distinct but complementary aims.  The first is to identify and analyse the primary issues and reasons why people volunteer for mission-driven, physically-demanding, potentially-hazardous emergency service roles, and to assess whether these expectations are realistic give the often mundane and sometimes arduous nature of volunteer tasks (typically long periods of inactivity interspersed with short periods of intense activity) and (necessarily) bureaucratic risk-management processes.  Any significant dissonance between expectation and experience has the potential to engender frustration and dissatisfaction amongst volunteers.    

The second aim is to engage participative action research to investigate the application of different approaches to volunteer recruitment and management  which address specific key issues of concern to members. In this action research process, the intention will be to  increase volunteer satisfaction, participation and retention over the medium term.

The primary research questions therefore ask why people volunteer for emergency service organisations (like the SES) and what are their expectations of the experience; what is the workplace reality for volunteers in an emergency service organisation and why is that so; how does an emergency service organisation better recruit and maintain the satisfaction and commitment of its volunteers and retain their services?


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