Published works

Published works

Promoting Child Resilience to Disasters: Policy, Practice, Research Conference Paper 2014

TitlePromoting Child Resilience to Disasters: Policy, Practice, Research Conference Paper 2014
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsRonan, K, Towers, B, McAuslan, K, Johnson, V, Alisic, E, Davie, S, Handmer, J, Haynes, K, Ireland, N, Petal, M, Amri, A, Johnston, D
Conference NameBushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and AFAC Wellington Conference 2014
Date Published02/2015

The recently published Synthesis Report on the Post-2015 Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR, 2013) places children at the centre of successful adaptation to disasters: “In particular children and youth have been singled out as having specific needs in terms of school safety, child-centred risk assessments and risk communication. But, more importantly, if appropriately educated and motivated on disaster risk reduction, they will lead and become the drivers of change.” Equally, here in Australia, the role of disaster education in managing disaster risk has been recognised as a major priority in the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (Australian Government, 2011). While Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction (CC-DRR) is increasingly popular across agencies and organisations around the world, rigorous empirical research on the efficacy of the approach is limited. This three-year program of research is planning a range of projects, unified through various means, and an integrated narrative, to increase the reach and impact of CC-DRR education within communities in Australia and New Zealand.

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