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Cathy was recently awarded her PhD by the University of Western Australia. With a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application, Geovisualisation and spatial modeling, Cathy’s project was focused on the design of a WebGIS-based information communication model for effective early warning of bushfire emergencies to the general public. Her PhD studies were supported by the Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Postgraduate Award and the former Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, Australia.

With a rising interest in disaster management, Cathy has become a trained volunteer at MAPS-WA, a Western Australia based unit to provide mapping support to emergency service responders. She is also passionate in teaching, and has been engaged in tutoring and lecturing various GIS, cartography and research methods units at UWA.

Student project

This project focused on exploring a method to communicate bushfire risk-related information to households during a bushfire by harnessing prevailing spatial technologies, such as GIS. Its aim was to help residents perceive their own risk more accurately and make better decisions under stress. A web-mapping tool is in prototype. This study provides an important step forward in exploiting GIS technologies for location-based, personalised public warnings, in order to substantially facilitate the perception of personal related risk and decision-making at the household level.
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Year Type Citation
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