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New projects at Research Driving Change Showcase 2017
New projects at Research Driving Change Showcase 2017

Going somewhere?

"Where did we say we were going and are we there yet?"

The Research Driving Change Showcase 2017 event in Adelaide this month was structured around this simple premise that related to our original aims.

The CRC was set up in 2013 to reduce the risks, costs and impacts of natural disasters in Australia and to contribute to the national disaster resilience agenda. Showcase 2017 attempted to see how the research was performing against these goals. 

The CRC research has always been about "use" - the Australian Government's CRC Program only funds research that has the potential for use by the industry or sector partners. Showcase 2017 needed to clearly show that research was either potentially useful or preferably, now being used. And the best people to show this were our partners themselves. So, that's why in Adelaide most of the talking over the two days was done by agency staff who have been closely involved with the research projects from day one, with the lead researchers playing the valuable support role in communicating the science.

The presentations in Adelaide were first rate and were the result of some great work by many individuals. Since the start of this year it has been quite an exercise for many of us to gather the ideas of the research teams and the agency partners on what research had been taken up for use.  

You had to be there to really get the full picture of where the research was and where it was heading but an acceptable second rate option if you missed out is to jump into our webpage of resources from the day, including a short video. Some audio presentations will be added later. Our Facebook page has the full videos of the panel discussions on issues around getting the research into practice. If you want more copies of the publications that summarised the research findings, they will be available again at AFAC2017 in Sydney in September.

In 2013 the aim was that by now the CRC would  be on the way to establishing itself as a research centre of international standing. Showcase 2017 showed that we are on the right path and tracking well.

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