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Report Building Resilient Communities: Effective Multi-Channel... communication, communities, resilience PDF icon Building Resilient Communities Annual Report 2014
Report Building Resilient Remote Communities in Northern Austra... communities, indigenous communities, local knowledge PDF icon Building Resilient Remote Communities in Northern Australia Annual Report 2014
06/2015 Journal Article Building walls around flood problems: The place of levee... flood, policy
05/2016 Report Built environment exposure information framework engineering, exposure, multi-hazard PDF icon Built environment exposure framework
05/2016 Journal Article Burning anticipation: Wildfire, risk mitigation and simu... governance, planning, policy
Journal Article Burning for biodiversity in the Top End
Book Burning Issues
10/2010 Journal Article Bushfire and everyday life: Examining the awareness-acti...
02/11/2015 Report Bushfire and natural hazard training for Northern Austra... emergency management, multi-hazard, response PDF icon Bushfire and natural hazard training for Northern Australia: Annual project report 2014-2015
Journal Article Bushfire Management: Why, Where and How Economics Matter...
Book Chapter Bushfire Preparation, Response and Recovery in the Inter...
08/2018 Journal Article Bushfire Preparedness, Planning, and Response among Anim... animals, planning, response
Journal Article Bushfire survival preparations by householders in at-ris... communities, fire, planning
2011 Conference Proceedings Bushfire Survival-Related Decision Making: What the Stre...
6/30/2007 Journal Article Bushfire weather climatology of the Haines Index in sout...
2007 Journal Article Bushfires 'down under': patterns and implicati...
04/2013 Journal Article Bushfires are “men's business”: The importance of g...
02/2014 Report Bushfires extending into the rural/urban interface - Fin...
Journal Article Bushfires in the media: A preliminary literature review
2005 Journal Article Bushfires—How can we avoid the unavoidable?
12/2017 Report Business exposure information framework exposure, framework, modelling PDF icon 2015-2018_ra05_milestone_242_-_business_exposure_framework_report.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper Business involvement in natural disasters in Australia a... capability, communities, recovery PDF icon Business involvement in natural disasters in Australia and New Zealand
01/2019 Journal Article Calculation of critical water flow rates for wildfire su... fire, firefighter, response PDF icon calculation_of_critical_water_flow_rates.pdf
01/2016 Journal Article Calibration and validation of FLFArs – a new flood loss... flood PDF icon jourmal_paper_-_nartural_hazards_and_earth_system_sciences_-nhess-16-15-2016.pdf
01/2017 Report Calibration of water balance using digital photography fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon milestone_water_final_05102016_website.pdf
02/2018 Journal Article Can a growth model be used to describe forest carbon and... environments, fuel reduction, modelling
08/2018 Journal Article Can air quality management drive sustainable fuels manag... fire, fuel reduction
02/2010 Journal Article Can climate at the seed-source predict the success of eu...
04/2018 Journal Article Can major post-event inquiries and reviews contribute to... communication, emergency management
06/2015 Report Candidate Interoperability Needs Amongst Response &... capability, emergency management PDF icon Candidate Interoperability Needs
07/2021 Report Capability Maturity Assessment facilitators guide capability, emergency management, policy PDF icon capability_maturity_assessment_facilitators_guide.pdf
Report Capability Needs for Emergency and Disaster Management O... capability, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon Capability Needs for Emergency and Disaster Management Organisations Annual Report 2014
01/2016 Report Capturing community experiences in the 2015 Sampson Flat... communication, communities, fire impacts PDF icon capturing_community_experiences_in_the_2015_sampson_flat_fire_final_report_with_highres_graphs_web.pdf
03/2015 Report Capturing community experiences: South Australian bushfi... communication, communities, decision making PDF icon Capturing community experiences SA bushfires - January 2014
02/2015 Report Capturing community members' bushfire experiences f... communication, communities, decision making PDF icon Capturing community members bushfire experiences following the 12 January 2014 Parkerville (WA) fire: supplementary online survey
02/2015 Report Capturing community members' bushfire experiences:... communication, communities, decision making PDF icon Capturing community members bushfire experiences: interviews with residents following the 12 January 2014 Parkerville (WA) fire
2011 Conference Proceedings Capturing Community Members’ Bushfire Experiences: The L...
Thesis Carbon cycling in Sub-alpine Ecosystems.
01/2015 Journal Article Carbon loss from planned fires in southeastern Australia... fire, fuel reduction
08/2012 Report Cardiovascular Risk Screening Volunteer Firefighters Rep... fire, response PDF icon Cardiovascular Risk Screening Volunteer Firefighters Report
02/2020 Report Cascading extreme weather beyond our experience: are we... climate change, coincident events, mitigation PDF icon bnhcrc_anhmc19-report_web_v6_260320.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article Case studies of material properties of late nineteenth-c... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
06/2020 Report Case study: use of remote sensing data to derive spatial... fire, land management, remote sensing PDF icon massetti_yebra_2020_bnhcrc_report_20052020.pdf
02/2019 Report Catastrophic and cascading events: planning and capabili... capability, decision making, vulnerability PDF icon rb21-catastrophic_disasters_annual_report_2017_18_2_1.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article Causes and consequences of Eastern Australia’s 2019–20 s... climate change, fire, fire severity PDF icon Causes and consequences
02/2016 Journal Article Centralised coordination of spontaneous emergency volunt... response, severe weather, volunteering PDF icon ajem-31-01-07.pdf
2012 Report Challenges and implications facing senior personnel enga...
02/2019 Journal Article Challenges for prescribed fire management in Australia’s... fire impacts, land management, savanna grasslands
06/2017 Journal Article Challenges for valuing ecosystem services from an Indige... environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
04/2019 Journal Article Challenges for wildfire-prone urban-rural interfaces: Th... fire, planning, risk management PDF icon Challenges for wildfire-prone urban-rural interfaces The case of Melbourne