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01/2020 Journal Article Standardised search markings to include animals animals, communities, resilience PDF icon Standardised search markings
04/2021 Report State Emergency Service (SES): Volunteer views on experi... non-traditional recruitment, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon volunteer_views_on_experiences_wellbeing_and_motivations_survey_report.pdf
09/2019 Report State Emergency Service volunteer views on expectations,... emergency management, volunteering PDF icon ses_survey_cultural_assessment_tool_final.pdf
10/2018 Journal Article State-of-the-art review and future research directions f...
12/2017 Journal Article Statistical characterisation of wind fields over complex... emergency management, fire, physics
11/2017 Thesis Statistical Characterisation Of Wind Fields Over Complex... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon rachel_quill_thesis.pdf
05/2018 Thesis Statistical models for the location of lightning caused... fire, mitigation PDF icon nick_read_thesis.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Staying on task: a tool to help state and regional-level... decision making, emergency management, organisational PDF icon Staying on task
04/2015 Journal Article Stomatal structure and physiology do not explain differe... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning
11/2015 Conference Paper Storm surge risk from transitioning tropical cyclones in... coastal, cyclone, storm surge PDF icon Storm surge risk from transitioning tropical cyclones in Australia
10/2018 Journal Article Strategic adaptation pathway planning to manage sea-leve... coastal, risk analysis, risk management
Report Strategic emergency management in Australia and New Zeal...
07/2017 Report Strategies for non-traditional emergency volunteers: a r... non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering PDF icon 2017_out_of_uniform_risk-benefit_framework_final.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Strengthening and repair of reinforced concrete columns... engineering, infrastructure, multi-hazard PDF icon strengthening_and_repair_of_reinforced_concrete_columns_by_jacketing_state.pdf
09/2015 Report Stress and Growth Experiences Reported by Post-Bushfire... decision making, planning PDF icon Stress and Growth Experiences
10/2020 Journal Article Stretch‐Thinking Loops: A New Technique for Scenario Pla... emergency management, organisational, scenario analysis
10/2008 Journal Article Strong host preference of ectomycorrhizal fungi in a Tas...
05/2020 Journal Article Structural design of floodways under extreme flood loadi... infrastructure, physics, resilience
12/2021 Journal Article Struggling to make sense of it all: the emotional proces... emergency management, fire, organisational
01/2020 Journal Article Suitability of Height Amplification Factors for Seismic... earthquake, engineering, modelling
12/2017 Conference Paper Suitable pyrolysis model for physics-based bushfire simu... capability, fire, modelling PDF icon aspacc_revised_rw2.pdf
Report Summary of issues emerging in coordination breakdown fro...
Report Summary of reports from inquiries into bushfire incident...
01/2021 Report Supplementing emergency warning messages to encourage re... communication, emergency management, warnings PDF icon supplementing_emergency_warning_messages.pdf
01/2022 Report Supporting new volunteers: a resource kit for emergency... non-traditional recruitment, recruitment, volcano PDF icon final_report_-_volunteer_leader_resource_kit_final2.pdf
Report Survey of ACT Rural Fire Service Women Volunteers
03/2018 Journal Article Surviving bushfire: the role of shelters and sheltering... communities, decision making, fire
10/2017 Thesis Synthetic damage curves for concrete girder bridge decks... flood, modelling PDF icon farook_kalendher_thesis.pdf
01/2014 Journal Article Systems Education for a Sustainable Planet: Preparing Ch... child-centred, communication, risk management PDF icon systems-02-00001.pdf
02/2021 Thesis Taking fire: the historical and contemporary politics of... fire impacts, indigenous communities, prescribed burning
09/2018 Conference Paper Teacher-facilitated child-centered disaster resilience e... child-centred, education PDF icon Teacher-facilitated child centred disaster resilience education program: a study in Bangladesh
08/2013 Report Temperate eucalypt forest decline is linked to altered e...
08/2009 Journal Article Temperature-dependent release of volatile organic compou...
2/2010 Journal Article Temporal variation in pools of amino acids, inorganic an...
05/2019 Journal Article Ten years after the Black Saturday fires, what have we l... resilience, warnings
01/2019 Report Ten years on from the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires... communication, emergency management PDF icon work_based_project_middletona4emg505_002.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Terrestrial Image-Based Point Clouds for Mapping Near-Gr... fire, fuel reduction, land management PDF icon Terrestrial Image-Based Point Clouds
10/2013 Journal Article Testing existing models for predicting hourly variation...
06/2017 Report Testing of simulated flood effect on the strength of sel... engineering, flood, mitigation PDF icon 2017._report_on_experimental_program_on_material_susceptibility.pdf
Report Testing the Effectiveness of Task Difficulty, Behaviour...
08/2010 Journal Article Testing woody fuel consumption models for application in...
06/2015 Report The 'University Human Research Ethics Committees... PDF icon Provisions for Expedited Reviews of Above-low Risk Research
11/2014 Conference Paper The 2012 Moe Earthquake and Earthquake Attenuation in So... earthquake, engineering PDF icon The 2012 Moe Earthquake and Earthquake Attenuation in South Eastern Australia
07/2020 Report The Australian Disaster Resilience Index: a summary multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon the_australian_disaster_resilience_index_summary.pdf
07/2020 Report The Australian Disaster Resilience Index: Volume I – Sta... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon sodrr_publication_ready_07082019.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper The Australian Flammability Monitoring System fire, fire impacts, modelling PDF icon yebra_npr_final.pdf
01/2015 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index Annual... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index Annual Report 2014
10/2020 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: a syst... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon andri_final_report_oct_2020_0.pdf
11/2015 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Annual... emergency management, resilience PDF icon The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Annual project report 2014-2015
09/2016 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Annual... multi-hazard, planning, resilience PDF icon The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Annual project report 2015-2016