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10/2018 Journal Article Plastic hinge analysis for lightly reinforced and unconf... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
05/2018 Journal Article A lightning-caused wildfire ignition forecasting model f... fire, fire weather
2005 Journal Article Is staying at home the safest option during bushfires? H...
05/2019 Journal Article Public health and natural hazards: new policies and prep... emergency management, mental health, resilience PDF icon public_health_and_natural_hazards_new_policies_and_preparedness_initiatives.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article Applying the principles of adaptive governance to bushfi... governance, land management, policy
Journal Article Planning for more bushfires: implications of urban growt...
11/2017 Journal Article You own the fuel, but who owns the fire? emergency management, policy, risk analysis
Journal Article Community Bushfire Safety: A Review of Post-black Saturd...
04/2016 Journal Article An optimization model for aggregation of prescribed burn... fire, fuel reduction
01/2018 Journal Article Effects of prescribed fire and post-fire rainfall on mer... fire, prescribed burning
10/2018 Journal Article Geographic Patterns of Fire Severity Following an Extrem... fire, fire weather, remote sensing PDF icon Geographic Patterns of Fire Severity Following an Extreme Eucalyptus Forest Fire in Southern Australia: 2013 Forcett-Dunalley Fire
08/2021 Journal Article Disaster resilience in Australia: A geographic assessmen... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon Disaster resilience in Aust
Journal Article Savanna fires increase rate of myrmecochory and dispersa...
09/2016 Journal Article Wind loads on contemporary Australian housing cyclone, engineering, severe weather
08/2008 Journal Article A preliminary investigation of temporal patterns in semi...
11/2015 Journal Article Fire, water and everyday life: Bushfire and household de... communities, fire, vulnerability
Journal Article Short Communication on Research Response to the Black Sa...
05/2015 Journal Article Contemporary fire regime risks to key ecological assets... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning
07/2020 Journal Article An Adaptive Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Use in... earthquake, modelling, physics
4/2012 Journal Article Differences in water use between mature and post-fire re...
9/01/2009 Journal Article Assessing the impact of climate change on extreme fire w...
04/2020 Journal Article Diminishing CO2-driven gains in water-use efficiency of... climate change, land management, resilience
09/2013 Journal Article Dead fuel moisture research: 1991–2012
6/2011 Journal Article Relative Greenness Index for assessing curing of grassla...
03/2019 Journal Article Limitations of high resolution satellite stereo imagery... Northern Australia, remote sensing, savanna grasslands
02/2021 Journal Article Sexual Orientation and Prevalence of Mental Health Diffi... diversity and inclusion, mental health, organisational
2009 Journal Article Relative importance of fuel management, ignition managem...
2016 Journal Article Conflicting perspectives on nonhuman animal rescues in n... animals, communication, risk management
10/2020 Journal Article Professionalism: certification for emergency management... capability, emergency management, organisational PDF icon Professionalism certification for emergency management leaders
12/2013 Journal Article Sediment availability on burned hillslopes
04/2020 Journal Article Working outside ‘the rules’: Opportunities and challenge... communities, fire, resilience
11/11/2014 Journal Article Predictors of south-eastern Australian householders’ str... communication, communities, warnings
03/2016 Journal Article Predicting dead fine fuel moisture at regional scales us... fire, fuel reduction, modelling
12/2017 Journal Article Fire-driven decline of endemic Allosyncarpia monsoon rai... environments, fire, land management
09/2016 Journal Article Accredited qualifications for capacity development in di... emergency management, environments, risk management
12/15/2008 Journal Article Volunteer firefighting and family life: An organisationa...
04/2017 Journal Article The Unquantified Risk of Post-Fire Metal Concentration i... environments, fire, soil moisture
07/2018 Journal Article Identifying the evidence to support incident management... capability, decision making, organisational
5/2013 Journal Article A day in the life of a volunteer incident commander: Err...
08/2021 Journal Article Numerical study on effect of relative humidity (and fuel... fire, modelling, physics
2009 Journal Article Improving estimates of savanna burning emissions for gre...
11/2016 Journal Article Investigation of firebrand production during prescribed... fire, fire weather, modelling
2006 Journal Article Seasonality and fire severity in savanna landscapes of m...
04/2022 Journal Article Leading through crisis: the leadership experience of Maj... communities, cyclone, decision making PDF icon ajem-19-2022-02.pdf
04/2017 Journal Article Development of a full-scale structural testing program t... cyclone, engineering, mitigation
4/19/2007 Journal Article Fighting fatigue whilst fighting bushfire
11/2017 Journal Article Seismic fragility curves for limited ductile RC Building... earthquake, mitigation, modelling
06/2014 Journal Article Interactive Hazards Education Program for Youth in a Low... child-centred, communication, risk management
12/2009 Journal Article Long-term impacts of prescribed burning on regional exte...
11/2017 Journal Article Analytical modelling of podium interference on tower wal... earthquake, engineering, mitigation