Typesort descending Date Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2019 Enhancing Resilience of critical road structures under natural hazards PDF icon Download (2.75 MB) infrastructure, planning, resilience
Poster Aug 2020 Suppression Firing Prevalence & Practice PDF icon Download (6.47 MB) mitigation, risk analysis, risk management
Poster Aug 2016 Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings PDF icon Download (171.83 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2015 Improved assessment of grassland fuels in multiple jurisdictions across Australia PDF icon Download (963.36 KB) fuel reduction
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2015 Scientific Diversity 2015 NSW RAF Presentation PDF icon Download (843.34 KB) mitigation, planning, policy
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Lightning presentation: bushfire and emergency risk management research projects PDF icon Download (1.01 MB) emergency management, fire, risk management
Presentation-Audio-Video Aug 2018 A spatial decision support system for natural hazard risk reduction policy assessment and planning: Holger Maier lecture File Download (0 bytes) decision making, risk management
Poster Sep 2015 Design & Implementation of pre-disaster hazard loss estimation platform PDF icon Download (311.73 KB) economics, modelling, multi-hazard
Guide-Fact Sheet Aug 2020 Download key case study research reports and policy briefs economics, modelling, multi-hazard
Presentation-Slideshow Mar 2014 Fire spread prediction across fuel types PDF icon Download (1.49 MB) fire, modelling, prescribed burning
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2018 Pyroconvective interactions and dynamic fire propagation PDF icon Download (2.21 MB) fire, fire impacts, fire weather
Presentation-Audio-Video Oct 2016 Fire coalescence and mass spotfire dynamics - project overview File Download (0 bytes) fire impacts, fire severity, fire weather
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 Experiences With The Global Impacts Of Climate Change PDF icon Download (7.3 MB)
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2014 Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction PDF icon Download (586.58 KB) child-centred, risk analysis
Presentation-Slideshow Oct 2017 Natural hazard exposure information framework - research utilisation project: Australian exposure information platform PDF icon Download (663.65 KB) exposure, framework, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2019 Accounting for society’s influence on future disaster risk and how to develop proactive risk management strategies through integrated dynamic risk assessments PDF icon Download (2.89 MB) economics, emergency management, planning
Poster Aug 2016 The social life of science in natural hazards policy and planning: Opportunities and challenges PDF icon Download (378.31 KB) decision making, economics, policy
Presentation-Audio-Video Nov 2020 Short overview of the Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook: November 2020 – February 2021 File Download (0 bytes) fire impacts, fire severity, fire weather
Poster Aug 2015 Building Resilient Communities: Creating Effective Multi-Channel Communication During Disaster Response and Recovery PDF icon Download (193.59 KB) communication, communities, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Dec 2014 Better predictions and forecasts for extreme water levels PDF icon Download (3.45 MB) coastal, forecasting, tsunami