Typesort ascending Date Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2014 Disruption of critical infrastructure during prolonged natural disasters PDF icon Download (1.07 MB) infrastructure, vulnerability
Presentation-Audio-Video Jul 2019 Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability File Download (0 bytes) diversity and inclusion, mental health
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2017 Enhanced estimation of background temperature for fire detection using new geostationary sensors PDF icon Download (1.11 MB) fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
Presentation-Slideshow Nov 2018 Optimisation of prescribed burning regimes for fuel reduction, carbon, water and vegetation PDF icon Download (1.34 MB) fuel reduction, prescribed burning
Poster Jun 2017 UNHaRMED: Unified Natural Hazard Risk Mitigation Exploratory Decision Support System PDF icon Download (947.59 KB) decision making, multi-hazard, optimisation
Poster Aug 2014 Managing animals in disasters (MAiD): Improving preparedness, response, and resilience through individual and organisational collaboration PDF icon Download (437.22 KB)
Poster Aug 2014 Legal implications of utilising social media for communication during a disaster: An analysis by Responder Group PDF icon Download (302.73 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2020 France-Australia Workshop: Day 1/Panel 2 Marta Yebra PDF icon Download (2.57 MB)
Poster Sep 2018 Enablers and inhibitors to the sustainable implementation of effective teacher delivered disaster resilience education through the Geography Syllabus PDF icon Download (1.66 MB) child-centred, education, resilience
Presentation-Audio-Video Oct 2014 Next generation models for predicting the behaviour of bushfires fire, modelling
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2019 Applying a Community Capitals Framework to Disaster Recovery PDF icon Download (4.6 MB) communities, recovery
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 Best research organisation structures for solving hard and intractable (national) problems PDF icon Download (1.6 MB)
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Three Minute Thesis: attribution of active fire using simulated fire landscapes PDF icon Download (132.79 KB) fire, modelling
Poster Aug 2016 Computational investigation of bridge vulnerability under heavy flood PDF icon Download (167.55 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2017 Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities PDF icon Download (273.08 KB) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
Presentation-Audio-Video Aug 2015 An analysis of building losses and human fatalities from natural disasters File Download (0 bytes) economics, multi-hazard, risk analysis
Poster Aug 2016 Simulations of sub-canopy winds PDF icon Download (261.83 KB) fire severity, remote sensing
Poster Aug 2014 Assessing ecological risk with indigenous communities: Tropical savannas Northern Australia PDF icon Download (530.59 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Jun 2019 Communication, education and behaviour: examples of New Zealand research efforts PDF icon Download (1.25 MB) communities, multi-hazard, recovery
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2017 Organisational socialisation of volunteers in an emergency services agency PDF icon Download (432.89 KB) emergency management, recruitment, volunteering

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