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Australia’s national recovery principles state that recovery should be community-led. This is echoed by most state and territory recovery frameworks and plans. However, analyses from various recovery processes in Australia and overseas consistently identify that governments too often, in practice, do not fully activate community-led recovery or provide the necessary structured support to ensure their success.

This project will examine ways in which governments can better support and enable communities to lead their own recovery after bushfire disaster events. Specifically, the following research questions will be explored:

  1. How can government best leverage existing and emerging community organisations, structures and networks in post-disaster bushfire recovery?
  2. How can government best support community-led deliberative decision-making processes in post-disaster bushfire recovery?

The research approach will use a range of research methods, including the review of existing cross-sectoral theory, evidence, policy and practice to guide community-led bushfire recovery and deliberative processes; connect with existing recovery communities regarding theory, practice and resource needs; prepare to monitor communities’ experience; and conduct secondary analysis of existing datasets to identify community group characteristics associated with enhanced community-led bushfire recovery.

The research is intended to provide an improved evidence base for governments to better support communities to lead their own recovery after bushfire disaster events.