Saimum Kabir

PhD student
Saimum Kabir

At the macro scale, the study addresses the temporal dimension of risk by tracing the long-term impacts of past urban growth and water management policies and practices, and how they have influenced the present flood risk in the catchment. At the meso scale, the focus is on the location and spatial heterogeneity and their influence on the spatial risk distribution. At the micro scale, the study examines the trade-offs between urban form’s transformation and flood risk mitigation at the catchment.

Saimum is an architect and academic, and before starting his PhD was an assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at the American International University in Bangladesh. He is also the founding
editor of – a knowledge platform on architecture education and practice in Bangladesh.

Student project

The overarching goal of the research is to reduce community’s vulnerability to flood risks by enhancing risk reduction capacity of the built environment. The possible outcomes of the research include critical review of flood risk management policy and practices and identification of “fit for purpose” policy guidelines to deal with dynamic change. The research context is Melbourne, Victoria and the research findings will offer empirical data resources for end-user agencies. Further, since the research is covering a range of aspects related to response, recovery and mitigation of disaster risk via the process of urban planning, it offers greater potential to benefit the larger society exposed to the similar risks in addition to direct implication in the local urban development policies of the case study catchment.
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31 Aug 2020
Key findings: Appropriate management of disaster risk in a dynamic urban context requires...

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