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Lauren Kosta

Lauren is a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Work at The University of Melbourne. A qualified social worker, Lauren has worked in research for several years focusing on parenting in circumstances of adversity with previous work at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute with parents of infants and young children with complex health issues. For her PhD, Lauren is studying the experience of parenting since the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, with the aim of informing services to support parents and their families in similar circumstances. Lauren’s doctoral research is also supported by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute at The University of Melbourne.

Student project

Post disaster, parents have to care for a child/children who may have experienced significant trauma, while also dealing with the impacts of the disaster themselves. While parenting is often recognised for its influence on children’s wellbeing and recovery, little attention has been paid to the experience of parenting after a disaster. This project is conducting semi-structured interviews with parents (other primary caregivers) who were living in an area affected by the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. The interviews include questions on what it has been like to be a parent since the bushfires, what has been difficult, what has gone well, what supports were (or were not) helpful. The aim of the study is to inform ways of supporting parents and their families post-disaster.
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