Charles Newland

Dr Charles Newland

Completed PhD student
Dr Charles Newland

Dr Charles Newland completed his PhD in 2018 on improved calibration of spatially distributed models to simulate disaster risk. His research improved the reliability and effectiveness of risk modelling by generating an automated procedure to benefit end-users.

Charles is now working as a graduate engineer in transport, planning and logistics at SMEC, where he utilises his PhD skills in spatial modelling,
analytics and coding. He hopes to continue working in the engineering sector and introduce more land-use modelling into consultancy.

“My experience with the CRC always gave me a chance to see my research in action, and to meet, talk and laugh with fellow PhD students on the journey,” Charles said.

His thesis is available here.

Student project

Models are used widely for the assessment of disaster risk and the effectiveness of mitigation options. In order to obtain meaningful results, these models require accurate calibration. Calibration is the process of adjusting a model to generate correct information matching what is observed on site. This is not an easy task as it is a manual process. This research was completed in 2018 and aimed to generate an automated procedure to improve the reliability and effectiveness of risk modelling to benefit end-users.
Supervisory panel:
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