Aye Thandar Phyo Wai

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Aye Thandar Phyo Wai

Thandar graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Technological University, Myanmar in 2011 and got Master of Architecture degree from Yangon Technological University in 2014.

She has a keen interest in urban planning and disaster management after completing her Master’s on the topic of ‘proposed upgraded plan for fire safety in Mandalay urban areas’. Her current work seeks to identify the role of urban planning for urban fire risk mitigation in Mandalay City.

She has worked as an engineer in SUEZ consulting and participated in several architectural and engineering works including digitising cadastral maps of Mandalay city; site supervision of non-revenue water project; landscape improvement drawings; solid waste collection improvement drawings and road sign improvement drawings.

Student project

Urban fire is common in all cities, especially in developing countries, due to more concentrated settlement planning; lack of safety in buildings; increased population growth and poverty. This research will find out the process of fire and the relationships between urban fire and changes of urban planning to investigate the causes of urban fire and how urban planning plays a role in causes of fire and how can it provide solutions to mitigate urban fire risk.
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