Dr Ashley Wright

Completed PhD student
Dr Ashley Wright

Dr Ashley Wright completed his PhD on flood forecasting in 2017. Ashley gathered historic rainfall data and developed modelling techniques to create a better understanding of rainfall in flood prone catchments. Greater understanding of the rainfall that falls on our catchments will lead to improved flood forecasting skill.

In 2018, Ashley won the Eric Laurenson Medal, which is awarded annually to a recent PhD graduate of Monash University who has written an excellent thesis, communicated their research findings to industry and has high research utilisation potential in water science, engineering or management.

"The award gives me confidence that my work is meaningful and of high quality," Ashley said.

Post-PhD completion, Ashley completed flood modelling work in Indonesia and Fiji with Monash University, before joining the CRC project Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data as a postdoctoral research fellow. Ashley is now a senior associate in insights analytics at PwC.

His thesis is available here.

Student project

Land-based sensors can often be subject to damage or malfunction in a natural hazard, and direct measurement of flood levels can also be a dangerous exercise. This study, completed in December 2017, applied technology developments, including those gathered from recent space missions, to inform the flood modelling process. In particular, the role of errors within the modelling process was explored to give an understanding of the confidence provided by any predictions.
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