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Melbourne during a storm in 2010. Photo: Ben Houdijk (CC-by-nc-nd-2.0)

Warnings that save lives

Australian lives are being saved by Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC research, which was recognised with the Cooperative Research Centres Association’s premier award for Excellence in Innovation 2019. The research is shaping warnings and public information campaigns to prepare and protect communities threatened by flood, bushfire, cyclone, storm, heatwave and other natural hazards.

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24 Apr 2019
Colin Thomas from MFB on why diversity and...
diversity and inclusion, emergency management
24 Apr 2019
Why do you value diversity & inclusion -...
diversity and inclusion, emergency management
09 Apr 2019
Coexisting with combustion: the future of...
communities, fire
08 Mar 2019
Avianto Amri - early career researcher entry 2019
child-centred, education
08 Mar 2019
Dr Rachel Westcott - early career researcher...
communities, preparedness
08 Mar 2019
Mitchell Scovell - early career researcher entry...
cyclone, mitigation
08 Mar 2019
Sesa Singha Roy - early career researcher entry...
fire, fire severity
27 Feb 2019
Webinar - Emergency volunteering 2030 by Dr...
emergency management, volunteering
26 Feb 2019
Stretch your thinking on natural hazards...
communication, emergency management
24 Jan 2019
Diversity and inclusion: building strength and...
capability, diversity and inclusion
13 Dec 2018
Highlights - International Day for Disaster...
mitigation, preparedness
13 Dec 2018
International Day for Disaster Reduction 2018 -...
mitigation, preparedness
13 Dec 2018
The development of a pyrocumulonimbus prediction...
communities, fire
13 Dec 2018
Cropland fire reconstruction: AFAC webinar
fire severity, fire weather
05 Nov 2018
PhD science on bushfire prediction modelling
fire, modelling
11 Oct 2018
The Curly tail of cyclone protection - Mitchell...
cyclone, mitigation
02 Oct 2018
Launch of the Southern Australia Seasonal...
fire, fire weather
17 Sep 2018
AFAC18 Day 2 - highlights
emergency management, multi-hazard
13 Sep 2018
AFAC18 - Research Forum
emergency management, multi-hazard
07 Sep 2018
AFAC18 - Continuing the conversation: Community
communities, indigenous communities