Michael Jones

A/Prof Michael Jones

A/Prof Michael Jones

When Dr Michael Jones visited a film set for the first time to look at its management practices, he was intrigued by the work ethic of the crew. They weren't particularly well paid, but their passion for the job was obvious.

That fuelled Michael's interest in the elements that motivate people and produce organisational and career commitment. In the case of the film crew, it wasn't money driving their hard work. There were other factors at play, such as boasting rights to their friends, mingling with stars, and the prospect of "making it big next time".

With a background as an Electronics Engineer, Michael is looking to bridge management and technology issues and take in culture, knowledge management and information systems.

Michael enjoys satisfying his natural curiosity through research. He's now working on a major project with Emergency Service Agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand, looking at creating sustainable volunteer management practices.

Michael is also the Editor-in-Chief of a high ranking journal - the International Journal of Doctoral Studies www.ijds.org. This brings an additional field of research to Michael's portfolio which revolves around doctoral supervision.

Michael currently has over 70 peer-reviewed published papers. A partial list of these can be found at: http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?hl=en&user=ZyZepgUAAAAJ

Project leadership

Many volunteer-based emergency service agencies experience high rates of volunteer turnover, in some cases as high as 20% each year. At times, up to half of all new recruits leave within the first two years. Finding out why this happens – and developing ways to improve volunteer retention – was the focus of this study. While the team determined there was no need for a leadership program per se, because most agencies offer a variety of programs that meet the traditional needs of leadership development, self-determination theory has been identified as a simple method to introduce to volunteer leaders.
Research team:
27 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2014
The quality of volunteer leadership is an important factor in attracting and keeping volunteers.

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