Student researcher

Dr Vivien Forner Research Leader

Effective leadership education and training programs are needed to equip leaders with the unique skills and knowledge required to inspire, retain and engage volunteers. Vivien’s research identified the leadership capabilities and interpersonal skills that promote higher satisfaction and lower turnover amongst volunteers. She established a leadership training program (Inspire Retain Engage) that successfully developed the interpersonal approach amongst emergency service leaders. This research offers volunteer organisations an empirically-verified leadership program that can develop leadership skills required to support and retain volunteers. Vivien submitted her PhD in August 2019 and at the time of print was waiting on confirmation.

Year Type Citation
2019 Thesis Forner, V. Reducing turnover in volunteer organisations: A leadership intervention based on self-determination theory. School of Management, Operations and Marketing Doctor of Philosophy, 230 (2019).
27 Aug 2019
Quality leadership is essential to retain volunteers and ensure the future sustainability of Australia’s...