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Victorian Bushfire Risk Management Research
Victorian Bushfire Risk Management Research
18 Aug 2015

Victorian Bushfire Risk Management Research: A Collaboration Between the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

The increasing number and severity of bushfires impacting Victoria highlights the need for bushfire management agencies to continually consider and improve practices. As an organisation DELWP has history of initiating research and using scientific evidence to innovate an inform decision making with a risk based framework. In 2013 DELWP established a Bushfire Science Strategy to assist it in becoming more effective at learning and to guide its approach to bushfire science. As part of this strategy DELWP undertake a broad range of research projects. Some of these are managed by the BNHCRC under an service agreement overseen by a Project Control Board. Current DELWP projects managed by the BNHCRC deliver strong support for management decisionmaking and are show cased at this conference

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