April 2014 Edition: Research Advisory Forum roundup



RAF in Adelaide
RAF in Adelaide

Projects take shape with three days of discussion

In this first edition of the BNHCRC Hazard News we bring you news from our first Research Forum in Adelaide, some profiles of research projects, and a selection of blogs from CRC people.


Research Advisory Forum - Adelaide March 2014
The research program kicked off this week with 170 project end users and researchers attending our Establishment Research Advisory Forum (RAF) in Adelaide.
Blue Mountains taskforce December 2013

In the first field activity for the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, our researchers joined with Bushfire CRC colleagues to conduct community-based research in New South Wales following the October bushfires.

Teams are now preparing similar research visits to communties impacted by the January fires in South Australia and Western Australia.

Community risk

A team of researchers is set to find out how people assess the risks of an unfolding natural disaster and use that to decide on their response to events like cyclones and bushfires.

Children at bushfire stand at the Australian Science Festival
Enabling kids to become active participants in disaster resilience and education programs could not only reduce their fears. It could also have a potential motivational role in mobilising wider community preparations.
Minister Keenan and BNH CRC partners at the launch

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC was launched by the Minister for Justice, Hon Micheal Keenan.

This is what the Minister said at the event.

The CRC 2013 annual conference in Melbourne
The deadline for abstract submissions for our annual conference has been extended.


Research Forum

Well, the first major research event of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC has taken place in Adelaide, our first Research Advisory Forum. The three day gathering of all of our partners, project leaders and end users enabled us to start building the personal and professional relationships that will be essential to the long term success of the CRC.

Research Forum
We will be closely looking at the Research Forum survey forms over coming weeks but a few clear points have emerged.
Web Launch at RAF in Adelaide
It was just a year ago that the establishment team was formed, the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC is now fully operational, we have a fully-fledged research program, PhD students engaged, a full board with working committees and a full complement of staff.
Laurie Hammond at CRC launch

[Transcript from the launch of the BNH CRC, 10 December 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra]

This launch marks the culmination of 10 months of very intense activity to bring this organisation into being. It was born of the decision that Australia needed a continuing and expanded scope of capacity to do research into bushfires and natural hazards.

Stuart Ellis at CRC launch
More and more we are seeking to work with policy makers, so that practitioners and policy makers together develop the best possible strategies and priorities to deliver the best possible resilience across communities. That does not happen without research.
Michael Eburn at CRC launch

[Transcript from launch of the BNH CRC on 10 December 2013, Parliament House, Canberra]

Doing research with the CRC is an exciting prospect for university researchers. Universities are very much focussed publicly on category 1 research funding. This is incredibly valuable research and supports the Australian community. But the research funded by the CRCs, because of its end-user driven nature, is incredibly important and incredibly rewarding for the researchers.     

AFAC17 logo

AFAC17 logo

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National research priorities for natural hazards

National research priorities for natural hazards

National priorities for research

The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

Research findings from 2017 NSW fires

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