This research is informing emergency warnings for storms, fires, floods and cyclones. Photo: cksydney, Flickr

Scenarios and loss analysis

This cluster of research projects focuses on understanding the historical costs to Australia from natural disasters and how we can develop scenarios for future planning. The understanding of historical losses and human fatalities is a fundamental first step to enabling efficient and strategic risk reduction.

In turn, the development of a series of natural disaster scenarios allows a quantification of their impacts on society, critical infrastructure, lifelines and buildings, and where possible the natural environment. This enables us to understand the possible implications of these events and thereby support the emergency management sector to better prepare for, or mitigate impacts of events beyond their experience.

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CRC funded projects’ details research conducted by the core, CRC funded, program.

Projects in ‘commissioned research’ detail research the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC has, or is, conducting directly for a partner organisation, outside of the core, CRC funded, program. These projects are included on this page as their topic relates to this cluster, and the findings may be of interest.  

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Scenarios and loss analysis
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A strategic analysis of preventable residential fire fatalities
Andrew Gissing Risk Frontiers
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