Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke about the study on the mental health of EM workers.
A ground-breaking CRC-linked project on the mental health of emergency service workers was highlighted by the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, now chairperson of beyondblue at the 2018 Emergency Management Conference in Melbourne in July.
Past and present CRC PhD students in Hobart.
If you would like to study natural hazards in New Zealand and would like to develop and enhance your research skills, then you could be eligible for new scholarship opportunities.
Northern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2018
What is the fire outlook across northern Australia for the bushfire season? Hazard Note 49 has all the details.
Waroona bushfire 2016. Photo DFES
This Hazard Note is based on a case study of the extreme fire behaviour exhibited by the Waroona bushfire in 2016. The Hazard Note examines the meteorology and fire reconstruction in parallel, identifying the dynamic processes behind the extreme fire behaviour and providing valuable knowledge to apply during future bushfires.
An early season prescribed burn near Darwin. Photo: Nathan Maddock, Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC
Hazard Note 46 covers research that is increasing the accuracy of fire severity mapping across northern Australia, leading to better land management outcomes.
This special event showcased our research achievements to date, with nearly 200 people from across emergency management and policy hearing two days of how the findings are being put into practice.

National Research Priorities published: download now

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