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Windy in the US 31 May 2017 cyclone, engineering, severe weather

Student project

The overall structural response of light framed timber construction (i.e. the structural system of a house) to wind loads is still poorly understood. Light framed construction is difficult to analyse due to the myriad of connection types and load sharing between structural and non-structural members. This study is determining the load redistribution and progressive failure mechanisms of the structure to severe wind events through structural analysis, computer simulation and physical testing. Outcomes of this study will enable the design and construction of more resilient structural systems (including connections) and techniques for retrofitting existing structures.
Supervisory panel:
Progressive failures of roofs under wind loading
19 Sep 2018
Progressive or cascading failures of roofing connections were simulated using a computer model...
Load redistribution and progressive failures of batten to rafter connections under wind loading
29 Jun 2017
As-built single nailed batten to rafter connections were tested under fluctuating dynamic loads...
Korah Parackal Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Peak wind loads on batten to truss connections on a typical gable roof house were examined using a...
Understanding progressive failures to wind load
18 Aug 2015
This study will determine the load redistribution and progressive failure mechanisms of houses to...

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