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01/2022 Journal Article Consistent and conflicting information in floods and bus... fire, flood, risk management
11/2016 Journal Article Assessing the application and value of participatory map... communities, emergency management, local knowledge
31/05/2013 Journal Article Community safety during the 2009 Australian ‘Black Satur...
01/2015 Journal Article Progress made with school curricula, education material... child-centred, risk management, vulnerability PDF icon ajem-30-01-04.pdf
11/2020 Journal Article Performance of geotechnical seismic isolation system usi... earthquake, modelling, physics
05/2019 Journal Article Innovative Upscaling of Architectural Elements for Stre... engineering, infrastructure, preparedness PDF icon innovative_upscaling_of_architectural_elements_for_strengthening_building.pdf
Journal Article "The Human Factors Interview Protocol: A Tool for t...
11/2014 Journal Article An historical perspective on the wind resistance of clay... cyclone, engineering, mitigation
10/2016 Journal Article Is a picture worth a thousand words? Evaluating the effe... communication, warnings
1/2007 Journal Article Savanna fires increase rates and distances of seed dispe...
07/2020 Journal Article Experiences of Police and Emergency Services Employees w... emergency management, mental health, organisational
03/2015 Journal Article A theoretical framework for negotiating the path of emer... emergency management, fire
11/2017 Journal Article Case studies of material properties of late nineteenth-c... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
01/2012 Journal Article Responding to bushfire risk: the need for transformative...
06/2009 Journal Article A simple index for assessing fire danger rating
12/2015 Journal Article Reducing deaths from driving into floodwaters economics, multi-hazard, risk analysis
05/2019 Journal Article Long-term solutions to improve emergency management serv... communities, emergency management, Northern Australia
11/2021 Journal Article Encouraging evacuation: the role of behavioural message... communication, fire, warnings
06/2012 Journal Article Atmospheric and fuel moisture characteristics associated...
04/2016 Journal Article Perceptions of risk and connection to landscape communities, fire, risk management
12/2019 Journal Article Tomorrow's disasters – Embedding foresight principl... modelling, policy, risk management
11/2016 Journal Article Whole of Government: the Solution to Managing Crises? emergency management, governance, policy
11/2016 Journal Article Displacement Based Design of Bridge Abutments earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
03/2018 Journal Article From academic to applied: operationalising resilience in... environments, flood, resilience
07/2017 Journal Article Verification of a Lagrangian particle model for short-ra... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon verification_of_a_lagrangian_particle_model_for_short-range_firebrand.pdf
12/02/2008 Journal Article Germination responses of a dry sclerophyll forest soil s...
04/2021 Journal Article Assessing the real costs of natural hazard-induced disas... economics, Northern Australia, resilience
01/2011 Journal Article Variation in fire interval sequences has minimal effects...
11/2008 Journal Article Fire resilience of ant assemblages in long-unburnt savan...
08/2018 Journal Article Estimating fire background temperature at a geostationar... fire, modelling, remote sensing
04/2012 Journal Article Simple models for stomatal conductance derived from a pr...
Journal Article Fire frequency and biodiversity conservation in Australi...
5/18/2006 Journal Article The Winchelsea Convergence - using radar and mesoscale N...
11/2015 Journal Article Gendered responses to the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires... communities, fire, response
02/2017 Journal Article "Don’t Just Do Something ... Stand There!" Eme... animals, communication, risk management PDF icon fvets-04-00034.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article A case study of disaster decision‐making in the presence... decision making, organisational, response
08/2021 Journal Article Nandong smong and tsunami lullabies: Song and music as a... communities, local knowledge, resilience
04/2016 Journal Article An uncertain future, deep uncertainty, scenarios, robust... decision making, modelling, policy
01/2021 Journal Article Experiments on the influence of spot fire and topography... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon Experiments on the influence
10/08/2008 Journal Article Efficient simulation of wildfire spread on an irregular...
06/2022 Journal Article Empowering Indigenous natural hazards management in nort... indigenous communities, Northern Australia, planning
09/2016 Journal Article Remote Sensing-Derived Water Extent and Level to Constra... flood, hydrology, remote sensing
01/2018 Journal Article How emergency services organisations can – and do – util... communication, decision making, emergency management
07/2016 Journal Article Towards tsunami-safer schools in the Wellington region o... child-centred, tsunami, warnings PDF icon ajem-31-03-17_1.pdf
11/2006 Journal Article Nonlocal flow effects in bushfire spread rates
09/2015 Journal Article Navigating scientific uncertainty in wildfire and flood... fire, flood, mitigation PDF icon 1-s2.0-s221242091530025x-main.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Investigation of firebrand generation from an experiment... fire, fire weather, propagation
Journal Article The effect of aerial suppression on the containment time...
02/2018 Journal Article Multi-objective optimisation framework for calibration o... framework, land management, optimisation
6/2009 Journal Article Premature Decline of Eucalyptus and Altered Ecosystem Pr...