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Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2017 Extreme weather: improved data products on bushfires, thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and east coast lows PDF icon Download (1.3 MB) fire weather, multi-hazard, severe weather
Presentation-Slideshow Nov 2018 The savanna and rangelands monitoring and evaluation reporting framework PDF icon Download (1.67 MB) fire, fire weather, Northern Australia
Poster Jun 2017 Evaluating future risk & mitigation strategies: (semi) automatic calibration of dynamic exposure models PDF icon Download (1.25 MB) decision making, modelling, optimisation
Poster Jun 2017 Appreciating the whole picture: including intangible values in decision making PDF icon Download (852.77 KB) economics, multi-hazard, policy
Poster Aug 2014 Out of uniform: Building community resilience through non-traditional emergency volunteering PDF icon Download (397.08 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2020 France-Australia Workshop: Day 2/Panel 2 Gabby Walters PDF icon Download (1.09 MB)
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2018 Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on sub-canopy wind speed profiles PDF icon Download (1.08 MB) fire, fuel reduction
Presentation-Audio-Video Oct 2014 ARPS simulation of pyro-convection under the influence of jet wind profiles fire weather, modelling
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2019 Towards protective action: Effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards PDF icon Download (1.29 MB) communication, warnings
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Enhancing capability in emergency management PDF icon Download (1.15 MB) capability, decision making, emergency management
Poster Aug 2016 Performance analysis of composite steel girder bridge structural elements subjected to hydrocarbon and bushfires PDF icon Download (239.17 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2017 The Out of Uniform Project: Building Community Resilience Through Non-Traditional Volunteering PDF icon Download (1.64 MB) non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering
Presentation-Audio-Video Jul 2015 Using realistic disaster scenario analysis File Download (0 bytes) emergency management, modelling, scenario analysis
Poster Aug 2016 Scattering and transport of firebrand: effect of firebrand shapes PDF icon Download (244.41 KB) fire severity, remote sensing
Poster Aug 2014 Next generation models for predicting the behaviour of bushfires: Challenges and prospects PDF icon Download (133.37 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Jun 2019 The Importance of Resilience Measurement PDF icon Download (498.93 KB) mitigation, planning, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2017 No ordinary call: factors predicting fire communication officers' job strain and well-being PDF icon Download (2.21 MB) capability, communication, emergency management
Poster Sep 2018 Geographic patterns of fire severity following an extreme eucalyptus forest fire in Southern Australia PDF icon Download (2.18 MB) fire severity
Presentation-Slideshow Dec 2020 Diversity and inclusion in emergency management online forum - Celeste Young PDF icon Download (6.04 MB) communities, diversity and inclusion, vulnerability
Poster Jun 2017 Experimental investigation of junction fire dynamics, with and without wind PDF icon Download (1.21 MB) fire impacts, fire severity, fire weather

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