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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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Building an ARC in the mountains: a community-led initiative to build an animal-ready community (ARC) in the NSW Blue Mountains to provide a template for similar activities Biblio PDF icon save (605.75 KB) animals, resilience, risk management
Conditions for effective coproduction in community-led disaster risk management Biblio emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction Annual Report 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (674.29 KB) child-centred, communication, risk management
Whose risk is it anyway? Biblio PDF icon save (1.29 MB) risk analysis, risk management
Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning close to houses Biblio economics, prescribed burning, risk management
Progress made with public awareness-raising activities aimed at building both rural and urban disaster resilience Biblio child-centred, risk management, vulnerability
Increasing emergency management capacity through business sector involvement Biblio PDF icon save (503.1 KB) emergency management, land management, risk management
Approaches to the assessment of children in the context of disasters Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
Effects of prenatal bushfire stress on life history traits in humans Biblio PDF icon save (6.95 MB) fire, fire impacts, risk management
Accredited qualifications for capacity development in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation Biblio emergency management, environments, risk management
Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – annual report 2018-2019 Biblio PDF icon save (2.56 MB) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
Using participatory mapping to harness local knowledge and increase community connectedness in bushfire preparation Biblio PDF icon save (220.02 KB) communication, communities, risk management
Scientific Diversity, Scientific Uncertainty and Risk Mitigation Policy and Planning Scenario Exercise Lit Review Biblio PDF icon save (4.21 MB) decision making, mitigation, risk management

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