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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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Reimagining program monitoring and evaluation for disaster resilience outcomes Biblio PDF icon save (981.44 KB) communities, resilience, risk management
Approaches to the assessment of children in the context of disasters Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
Whose risk is it anyway? Biblio PDF icon save (1.29 MB) risk analysis, risk management
Social media in emergencies: An examination of government accountability for risk communication and warning Biblio PDF icon save (2.73 MB) emergency management, policy, risk management
Volcanic eruptions and disruptions Biblio risk analysis, risk management
Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater safety and risk communication Biblio PDF icon save (426.96 KB) communication, flood, risk management
Local Government Capacity and Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards: A Comparative Evaluation of Australian Local Government Areas Biblio PDF icon save (858.57 KB) planning, resilience, risk management
Progress made with public awareness-raising activities aimed at building both rural and urban disaster resilience Biblio child-centred, risk management, vulnerability
Domestic architecture and the perception of risk in bushfire-prone areas Biblio fire, land management, risk management
Consistent and conflicting information in floods and bushfires impact risk information seeking, risk perceptions, and protective action intentions Biblio fire, flood, risk management
Developing a scale to understand willingness to sacrifice personal safety for companion animals: The Pet-Owner Risk Propensity Scale (PORPS) Biblio animals, communication, risk management
Australian inquiries into natural hazard events: Recommendations relating to urban planning for natural hazard mitigation (2009-2017) Biblio PDF icon save (1.94 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
Learning Lessons from Disasters: Alternatives to Royal Commissions and Other Quasi-Judicial Inquiries Biblio governance, risk management
Evaluating Children’s Learning of Adaptive Response Capacities from ShakeOut, an Earthquake and Tsunami Drill in Two Washington State School Districts Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning close to houses Biblio economics, prescribed burning, risk management
Valuing recovery through risk ownership Biblio PDF icon save (893.83 KB) fire, recovery, risk management
An assessment of the viability of prescribed burning as a management tool under a changing climate: a Tasmanian case study Biblio PDF icon save (1.01 MB) fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
Increasing emergency management capacity through business sector involvement Biblio PDF icon save (503.1 KB) emergency management, land management, risk management
Transforming through diversity and inclusion capability – the pathway to achieving diversity benefits Biblio PDF icon save (1.29 MB) diversity and inclusion, resilience, risk management
Disaster resilience education: A practice framework for Australian emergency management agencies Biblio PDF icon save (1004.55 KB) child-centred, education, risk management
Strategic adaptation pathway planning to manage sea-level rise and changing coastal flood risk Biblio coastal, risk analysis, risk management
Conflicting perspectives on nonhuman animal rescues in natural disasters Biblio animals, communication, risk management
Flash flood fatalities in NSW, VIC, ACT and South East QLD from 1 January 2000 to 30 June 2017 Biblio PDF icon save (1.59 MB) emergency management, flood, risk management
Making the landscape “home”: Narratives of bushfire and place in Australia Biblio fire, risk management
Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (1013.67 KB) child-centred, resilience, risk management
Planned and ultimate actions of horse owners facing a bushfire threat: Implications for natural disaster preparedness and survivability Biblio animals, resilience, risk management
Urban planning: historical changes integrating bushfire risk management in Victoria Biblio fire, planning, risk management
Yanchep Black Summer bushfire reconstruction: insights to inform situational awareness and future management Project fire severity, land management, risk management
People and their animals in emergencies: snapshots from past emergency events Biblio animals, multi-hazard, risk management
Risk modelling as a tool to support natural hazard risk management in New Zealand local government Biblio risk analysis, risk management, tsunami

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