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Dr Rebecca Harris Research Leader

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Dr Tomas Remenyi Research Team
Dr Peter Love Research Team
Paul Fox-Hughes
Paul Fox-Hughes Research Team

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The research is being completed through the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC's Tactical Research Fund.

The objectives of the project are to:

  1. identify the extent to which negatively tilted troughs are associated with recent extreme weather events across SE Australia;
  2. assess the relationship between the occurrence of negatively tilted troughs and on-ground conditions such as low soil moisture and elevated fire danger;
  3. assess seasonality of negatively tilted troughs and any potential link with large-scale climate drivers such as the Southern Annular Mode (SAM).

This will provide important information of relevance to fire managers and emergency services managing extreme storm impacts, for government and the broader community. The project will identify how often negatively tilted troughs occur, how often they are associated with extreme storms/fires/lightning, and whether this pattern is an amplifier of extreme events or a stand-alone phenomenon. If they are associated with large scale climate drivers, there may be a possibility of improving seasonal forecasts of some extreme events.