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Dr Kirrilly Thompson
Dr Kirrilly Thompson Research Leader

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Josh Trigg Research Team
Sophia Rainbird Research Team
Associate Prof Chris Bearman
A/Prof Chris Bearman Research Team
Lyndsey Wright
Lyndsey Wright Research Team

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Peta O'Donohue End-User

This project was commissioned and funded entirely by the Country Fire Service, SA.

How residents responded to three separate bushfires in South Australia in January 2014 has been analysed by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.

Following three very different bushfires in early 2014, the South Australia Country Fire Service (CFS) commissioned the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC to conduct community-focused research with fire-affected communities. The research investigated bushfire risk perceptions, decison-making procsses and the behaviour of residents across three very different fires: a rapid onset fire (Eden Valley); a long campaign fire (Bangor); and repeat fires (Rockleigh).

Researchers conducted 171 detailed interviews with residents in affected areas, as well as an online survey open to all residents of South Australia, which received 606 responses. Both the interviews and online survey collected information around general demographics, sense of community, previous experience of bushfires, what happened on the days before the fire threat, what happened on the day, and what, if any changes have been made in bushfire planning and preparedness as a result of that experience.