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Prof John Handmer
Prof John Handmer Research Leader

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Dr Ken Strahan Research Team
Dr Adriana Keating Research Team

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This project was commissioned and funded by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC. 

Increasingly, funders, governments, stakeholders and end-users expect to see tangible evidence that an investment in research is a worthy use of resources; that it informs policy and practice; or to justify the provision of current and future funding.

The value of research is measured by assessing the extent to which research has impact. Research impact is defined as “a demonstrable contribution that research makes to the economy, society, culture, national security, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond contributions to academia” (Alla et al.).

These value-outcomes are achieved via the pathways of knowledge generation, capacity building, creation of scientific methods, researcher and end-user network collaborations, and policymaking support. Bushfire and natural hazard research evidence is utilised by emergency and fire agencies, governments, policymakers, and householders and landowners.

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31 Aug 2020
Key findings: A pragmatic approach to valuing research on disaster risk reduction