Student researcher

Aeen Ashkani Research Leader

A feature of the world currently is increased human displacement caused by natural and human made disasters. From the other hand world’s population is rapidly aging specially in developed countries such as Australia. This situation brings particular focus to the needs of elderly affected by such displacement events, and the role Emergency Shelters can provide to accommodate this sector of society.

There has been significant research conducted on Aged Care Facilities, but little has been done to fully define the role design plays in emergency shelter services towards providing a better quality experience for elderly people.

My PhD research is investigating key design factors of emergency facilities which will directly improve the experience and wellbeing recovery of the elderly displaced by high stress events. Based on an initial survey of the literature, a number of specific issues and problems have been identified which indicated that the design did not meet the needs of older adults in emergency shelters.

 Such knowledge will improve the design services for elderly people in time of stressful events such as bushfires in Victoria. The study will report to findings that will inform better design innovations, and standards for elderly people in emergency shelters.