Veronica Quintanilla Berjon

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Veronica Quintanilla Berjon

A former firefighter in Spain, Veronica Berjon’s research is using empirical, ground-based research to investigate the effects of local topography on accession rates and fine fuel dynamics in sclerophyll eucalypt forests of south eastern Australia. Several sites within sclerophyll forested areas will be measured across NSW, Victoria and ACT for a range of vegetation and topographic variables to examine the differences in accumulation patterns across the landscape, with findings to inform fire management planning in similarly forested areas across eastern Australia.

Veronica is a ranger and CRAFT Firefighter Field Officer with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage – National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Student project

Reliable predictions of fuel load and condition (especially moisture content) are one of the highest order priorities for fire-fighting and land management agencies in Australia. Fuel load and condition are critical for predicting the spread and behaviour of bushfires, and have until now been largely assessed using visual or semi-quantitative guides, that have been in place for decades. Moving to a 21st century position, where fuel load and condition can be monitored in real time, at appropriate spatial scales, is a goal for most agencies.

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