Dr Vivien Forner

Completed associate student
Dr Vivien Forner

Vivien Forner’s PhD has improved the leadership capabilities of those who manage and supervise volunteers. Using the Self-Determination Theory, she tested the impact of a leadership development program that teaches leaders evidence-based approaches for supporting their volunteers and building a positive work climate within the brigade or unit.

Vivien is currently the Director of Research at the Institute of Management Psychology and a visiting research associate with the University of Wollongong.

Student project

This study seeks to improve the quality of the volunteering experience and help volunteer leaders better support and motivate other volunteers. This will improve volunteer commitment, maintain adequate numbers of volunteers, and retain the knowledge and experience of long serving members.
Supervisory panel:
27 Aug 2019
Quality leadership is essential to retain volunteers and ensure the future sustainability of...
Improving  the retention and engagement of volunteers in the emergency service agencies
30 Jun 2017
Volunteers were surveyed to identify the dominant and shared values of volunteers in the NSW SES...

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