Vivien Forner

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Vivien Forner

Vivien is passionate about helping organisations make sense of and apply academic research to benefit both organisations and the people who work within them.

Vivien is a PhD student and researcher in the Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong where she also teaches organisations behaviour. Her research interests focus on employee motivation, leadership and work environments that are optimal for employee wellbeing and productivity.

Her background is in organisational psychology with applied experience in the area of organizational development working predominately in leadership development, talent management and succession planning. During this time Vivien had a strong interest in the identification and development of future organisational leaders and her academic work continues in this area.

Student project

This study seeks to improve the quality of the volunteering experience and help volunteer leaders better support and motivate other volunteers. This will improve volunteer commitment, maintain adequate numbers of volunteers, and retain the knowledge and experience of long serving members.
Supervisory panel:
27 Aug 2019
Quality leadership is essential to retain volunteers and ensure the future sustainability of...
Improving  the retention and engagement of volunteers in the emergency service agencies
30 Jun 2017
Volunteers were surveyed to identify the dominant and shared values of volunteers in the NSW SES...

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