Dr Timothy Ramm

PhD student
Dr Timothy Ramm

Preparing communities for sea level rise and increased coastal flooding is a difficult task. Dr Timothy Ramm’s PhD research, which was completed in 2018, has helped to advance the development and analysis of improved long-term coastal adaption strategies under the conditions of uncertainty. Billions of dollars of infrastructure in Australia could be threatened by rising sea levels by the end of the century. Although such timeframes appear distant, planning and development decisions made today will help to mitigate these future threats, and the time for action is now as coastal infrastructure such as roads, utilities, rail, residential and commercial buildings often last between 20-100 years. Timothy’s research developed an interdisciplinary approach to advance the planning of longterm adaptation pathways in the context of coastal flood risk management.

Utilising three case studies in south east Australia, the study combines the strengths of robust decision making and dynamic adaptive policy pathways – both prominent tools to support decision making under conditions of uncertainty – together with solicited values-based information to make three novel advances towards flexible adaptation pathways planning. The findings can support local government in planning sustainable strategies to manage long-term flood impacts. This has global applications for coastal flood risk management that will become increasingly important throughout the coming century.

Timothy currently works at the Australian Antarctic Division in the Antarctic Modernisation Branch.

Student project

The aim of this study is to advance the development and analysis of improved long-term coastal adaptation strategies under conditions of uncertainty. This will help manage coastal risks by improving the management of infrastructure and land use in vulnerable coastal communities. Improved management will reduce the direct and indirect damages caused by increased extreme events and losses from permanent inundation. Including social risk perceptions and values will be an important consideration in formulating the approach.
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