Tom Fitzgerald

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Tom Fitzgerald

Tom has broad experience across a range of environmental management, town planning, policy analysis and development, and coastal management positions within Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He's worked for all levels of government, for NGOs, academic institutions and in the private sector. He has held senior positions within the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and had a lead role in both the NSW coastal management reforms and the NSW Marine Estate work programme.

Tom currently lives in New Zealand and has started an environmental consultancy called ‘the Coastal Management Collective’. He also maintains memberships of the Australian Coastal Society, the New Zealand Coastal Society and has volunteered his time on the organising committees of the NSW Coastal Conference for the last 7 years and the NZCS Conference 2017.

Tom's research looks at the political side of the coastal risk equation. He is investigating the management of coastal hazards, the governance of risk, and exploring how perceptions of risk acceptability may influence coastal management and planning decisions.

Student project

By its very nature the coast is in a constant state of flux. The most visible aspects of this change may be seen through the action of extreme hazards such as storms and cyclones, resulting in storm surges, flooding and erosion. In isolation, such events may not be so harmful, but with the increasing development of coastal communities, more and more people will be exposed to increasing risk. This study is investigating the acceptable level of risk is for coastal communities.

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