Sarah Dickson-Hoyle

Associate student
Sarah Dickson-Hoyle

Sarah Dickson-Hoyle’s research sits at the nexus of community-based bushfire management, ecological restoration and Indigenous knowledge and governance.

Working collaboratively with the Secwépemcul’ecw Restoration and Stewardship Society in Canada – founded by eight Secwépemc First Nation communities directly impacted by the 2017 Elephant Hill bushfire in British Columbia – her research is employing a combination of ethno-ecological and qualitative social science methodologies to monitor post-fire recovery of culturally important plants and other eco-cultural values; document local social-ecological knowledge and memories of landscape change; and support the development of co-management initiatives that seek to support First Nations in (re)asserting traditional stewardship practices, knowledge and connection to land and place in fire-adapted and fire-affected landscapes.

Sarah completed her Master of Forest Ecosystem Science as an associate student with the Bushfire CRC. She is currently a research and teaching assistant in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia while she completes her PhD as a Future Forests Fellowship recipient.

Student project

This collaborative study aims to understand the social and ecological responses of the Secwépemc Nation’s people and territory to the 2017 ‘Elephant Hill’ wildfire, and to both document and inform the development of post-fire restoration and co-management initiatives -grounded in Secwépemc knowledge and traditional governance systems - that aim restore both ecological and cultural values in fire-adapted landscapes.
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