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Nathan Maddock

Communications Manager
Nathan Maddock

Nathan is the Communications Manager at the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC. Prior to this, he was Communications Officer at the Bushfire CRC, and worked in Victorian state government in emergency management at the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner. Nathan has a strong background in all things communication including writing, editing, photography, websites and social media.

CRC Staff

Nathan Maddock is a current member of the CRC's administrative staff.

Resources credited

Type Released Title Download Key Topics
FireAustralia Edition 08 Nov 2016 Fire Australia Spring 2016 PDF icon Save (5.45 MB) education, emergency management, land management
FireAustralia Edition 26 Feb 2016 Fire Australia Summer 2015-16 PDF icon Save (11.81 MB) earthquake, fire impacts, volunteering
FireAustralia Edition 07 Dec 2015 Fire Australia Spring 2015 PDF icon Save (7.21 MB) communities, indigenous communities, resilience
FireAustralia Edition 01 Jul 2015 Fire Australia Winter 2015 PDF icon Save (4.24 MB) coastal, earthquake, severe weather
FireAustralia Edition 01 Apr 2015 Fire Australia Autumn 2015 PDF icon Save (8.64 MB) fire, modelling, severe weather
FireAustralia Edition 15 Jan 2015 Fire Australia Summer 2014-15 PDF icon Save (10.47 MB) child-centred, communities, multi-hazard
FireAustralia Edition 01 Jul 2014 Fire Australia Winter 2014 PDF icon Save (7.59 MB) emergency management, mitigation, multi-hazard

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