Dr Megan O'Donnell

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Dr Megan O'Donnell

Previous research indicates that birth outcomes, such as gestational age, birth weight and secondary sex ratio, alter following environmental disasters due to the effects of maternal stress. My study examines the effects of two Australian bushfires, the 2009 Black Saturday fires and the 2003 Canberra fires, on the secondary sex ratio, average birth weight and average gestational age of babies born to mothers who lived in bushfire-affected areas. This quantitative study is further supported by interviews and surveys conducted with women who were pregnant during bushfires. More detail can be found at: http://archanth.anu.edu.au/staff/ms-megan-odonnell

Student project

Previous research indicates that reproductive outcomes, such as fertility rate, gestational age, birth weight, number of multiple births and the ratio of boys to girls, alter following environmental disasters due to the effects of maternal stress. This study is examining the effects of two Australian bushfires - the 2003 Canberra fires and the 2009 Black Saturday fires - on these outcomes. To further understand the needs of women who survive bushfires while pregnant, this work also examines their experiences and makes recommendations for future practice.
03 Sep 2019
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