Kate van Wezel

PhD student
Kate van Wezel

Student project

This research provides a case study of successful collaborative land management in remote Indigenous Australia, and a gendered analysis of the caring for country movement as a strategy towards community resilience. By employing resilience theory as a framework for analysis, this project contributes to the broader parent BNHCRC project “Enhancing remote north Australian community resilience”.
Supervisory panel:
Collaboration with women caring for country on Australia’s frontier
19 Sep 2018
In the remote southwest Gulf of Carpentaria, Waanyi and Garawa peoples have been experiencing...
Kate van Wezel Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Waanyi-Garawa rangers in the remote south-west gulf of carpentaria have long awaited inclusion of...
Towards Culturally Appropriate Fire Management in the Waanyi and Garawa Lands
18 Aug 2015
Culturally appropriate frameworks for Bushfire and Natural Hazards management are critical to...

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