Dr Kamarah Pooley

PhD student
Dr Kamarah Pooley

Dr Kamarah Pooley completed her PhD at Queensland University of Technology, studying the Youth Misuse of Fire program in NSW. Kamarah found that Youth Justice Conferencing with firefighter involvement contributes to a reduced risk of general recidivism, which provides an avenue for delivering better fire safety education to at-risk groups across the community.

She is looking forward to contributing to evidence-based knowledge and policy in the fields of criminology and child-centred disaster risk reduction.

Her thesis is available here

Student project

Despite a growing body of knowledge surrounding the causes of youth misuse of fire, the prevention programs available within NSW are yet to undergo independent empirical evaluation. This project aims to fill this gap by measuring fire knowledge, fire behaviour, fire interest, perception of firefighters, and general behaviour in both youths and their primary care givers before and after participation in prevention programs. Comparisons will be made within groups and between groups to determine the effectiveness of each program, as well as each component of each program, in reducing fire-specific risk factors in youths. Findings have the potential to inform youth misuse of fire-related programs and policy development within NSW.
An evaluation of youth justice conferencing for youth misuse of fire
29 Jun 2017
This evaluation revealed that firefighter involvement in Youth Justice Conferencing:Facilitates the...
Kamarah Pooley Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
(How) do interagency agreements between juvenile justice and fire and rescue services facilitate...

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