Jasmine Innocent

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Jasmine Innocent

Jasmine Innocent's research focuses on grassland fire behaviour through sloped terrains and non-homogeneous fuel beds. The motivation for this research is to provide insight into fire behaviour which may then be used to improve operational models, improve prediction of real wild fires, and subsequently mitigate the risks of wildfire impact. Practitioners currently use a ‘rule-of-thumb’ stating that the Rate-of-Spread (RoS) of fire doubles for every ten degrees of upslope, however, there appears to be little empirical evidence for this other than the knowledge of experienced practitioners.

Student project

This study focuses on physics based modelling of grassfire behaviour over flat, sloped and patchy terrains through a set of simulations.
31 Aug 2020
Key findings: At different slope angles and driving wind velocities, different operational quasi-...
27 Aug 2019
How significant is the effect of topographical feature (slope) of terrain on grassland fire...

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