Gemma Gray

Completed associate student
Gemma Gray

Gemma undertook her Master of Environments degree with a major in Development, which she completed in 2016. Her passions lie within the emergency management and disaster relief sector, with a  particular interest in the reliance on volunteers and how volunteering often brings out the best the best in people. Gemma has volunteered for the Australian Red Cross in two capacities, as a Summer Surge volunteer to help the organisation cope with the influx of emergency events over summer and as a newsletter editor.

Her research was influenced by a spontaneous volunteers managers training session run by Volunteering Victoria, where she became much more aware of the issues restricting citizen participation, especially spontaneous volunteering, and the way in which most organisations attempt to manage this huge, underutilised resource.

Student project

This project is looking at the long-term viability of emergency services in Australia and how they could potentially help to create more resilient communities through taking an alternative approach to the use of spontaneous volunteers. Case studies are being undertaken utilising high profile examples of spontaneous volunteering from the 2010-2011 Queensland floods and Christchurch earthquakes, identifying what impeded and what facilitated good outcomes during these disasters.
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