Eike Hamers

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Eike Hamers

Eike Hamers was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. He studied at the Technical University of Hamburg from 2012 to 2017 and achieved a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, as well as a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, with a major in harbor construction and coastal defences. After completing his Master’s degree, he worked as a civil engineer for panta ingenieure GmbH in Hamburg.

During high school, Eike completed a year abroad at the Australian Science and Math School in Adelaide. He also studied one year of mechanical engineering at the University of Adelaide in 2011.

Student project

This student project focuses on large scale flood models and their ability to interact with land use models, to assess future risk. This includes the evaluation of existing flood models on their suitability as large scale model, adapting such a model, and creating the computational framework to integrate the model into a land use model.
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