Dr Abbie Rogers

Dr Abbie Rogers

Abbie Rogers is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy, University of Western Australia. Her primary research interest is in the application of non-market valuation to estimate community values and preferences for environmental conservation and management. This includes applications in the context of marine, terrestrial and aquatic environments, and the natural hazards that affect each of these. Abbie’s work aims to improve the application, understanding and accessibility of non-market valuation techniques such that they can be used more readily in policy and decision making.

Research team

Type Project Research team
CRC Core Project Economics of natural hazards dpannell, arogers
27 Aug 2019
When there is not enough information or time available to conduct indepth analyses of trade-offs...
Quick economic analysis tool: An efficient way to value mitigation
18 Sep 2018
In order to help natural hazards managers with the prioritisation of mitigation options and the...
Appreciating the whole picture: including intangible values in decision making
29 Jun 2017
Natural Hazards impact many things that people value: life, health, amenity, safety, recreation and...

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