Andrea Massetti

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Andrea Massetti

Andrea has been a ural engineer in Italy, remote sensing analyst in Portugal and hazard mitigation researcher in Australia. Always passionate about image processing, machine learning techniques and geographic information systems, Andrea combines a blend of interconnected fields of expertise towards a complex approach.

At Monash University Andrea is investigating new methods to improve the actual capacity of prediction of 2d bushfire rate of spread models through the production of innovative products from high resolution remotely sensed data.

Student project

Models to predict the rate of spread of a bushfire are based on experimental and field observations. These give a rate of spread for fire based on local environmental factors, such as wind terrain and fuel. Computational implementation of these models can predict the arrival time of a fire over a given region. However, these models lack accurate inputs for land cover and fuel conditions, as well as a detailed knowledge of fire propagation under complex conditions. This project focuses on integrating remotely sensed biophysical products, such as fuel load and moisture into predictive models for bushfire propagation.
Supervisory panel:
Satellite monitoring of fire impact and recovery
19 Sep 2018
We propose an index for continuous monitoring of forested areas. It is based on the free of charge...

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