Dr Amanda Chong

Completed associate student
Dr Amanda Chong

Amanda is a Master of Engineering (Spatial) student at the University of Melbourne currently completing her final year thesis in the field of disaster management (bushfires). Amanda’s interests include the applications of GIS, and the utilisation of crowd sourced data to improve spatial models.

Amanda's Professional interests are in GIS, Fire, Crowd Sourced Data and the Research Project she is undertaking is entitled: Accurate location of buildings and its importance in bushfire damage assessments.

Student project

Building footprint data, extensively used by capital city councils, is expensive to collect and often out of date. Considering the lack of current authoritative data nationwide, crowdsourced Voluntary Geographic Information is an alternative approach to acquiring geographical data. Voluntary Geographic Information is computationally easy and inexpensive, and enables contributors to provide invaluable local knowledge of a given area to those who need it.
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