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Dr Fang Yuan is an earth observation scientist at Geoscience Australia. She helps to coordinate and provide support to Geoscience’s effort of using satellite imagery for disaster response. As an end user, Fang is interested in the method developed by this project to improve mapping of inundation in densely vegetated areas during floods. The project makes use of Synthetic Aperture Radar data, that are increasingly used in flood mapping and becoming routinely available across Australia from new satellite sensors. Outcomes of this project will not only assist near real time flood monitoring and modelling but also inform effective use of SAR data systematically across Australia.

Lead end user

Accurate flood predictions are critically important for limiting the damage caused by floods. Flood forecasting systems are based on models that require large volumes of data, such as rainfall forecasts, detailed measurements and high-resolution topography. However, flood forecasts are prone to uncertainty due to a lack of detailed measurements, and possible errors or oversimplifications in the models and/or data sets. Remote sensing is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from a distance, typically from aircraft or satellites. This research is integrating this type of data on soil moisture and flood extent with rainfall and runoff models, which will lead to more accurate flood predictions. It will develop a remote sensing-aided methodology that can eventually enable forecasting models that predict the volume of water entering the river network to be applied anywhere in Australia.
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