Fang Yuan

Dr Fang Yuan is an earth observation scientist at Geoscience Australia. She helps to coordinate and provide support to Geoscience’s effort of using satellite imagery for disaster response. As an end user, Fang is interested in the method developed by this project to improve mapping of inundation in densely vegetated areas during floods. The project makes use of Synthetic Aperture Radar data, that are increasingly used in flood mapping and becoming routinely available across Australia from new satellite sensors. Outcomes of this project will not only assist near real time flood monitoring and modelling but also inform effective use of SAR data systematically across Australia.

Lead end user

This project investigated the use of remote sensing data to improve modelled flood forecast skill and value. It developed optimal ways to constrain and update hydrologic flood models using remotely sensed soil moisture data. The project also proposed an algorithm for the monitoring of floods under vegetation, and investigated optimal ways to use remote sensing-derived inundation extent and level to implement and calibrate the hydraulic model. The results of this project enable improved predictions of flow depth, extent and velocity in the floodplain.
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