Dr Bevlyne Sithole

Dr Bevlyne Sithole

Dr Bevlyne Sithole

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Remote north Australian communities are susceptible to cyclones, floods and bushfires. Cultural and socio-economic factors combine with the challenges of remote service delivery – including cost, low levels of infrastructure and distance from the urban centres that host key service delivery organisations - to create situations where communities can be highly vulnerable to natural hazards. In this context, it is important to understand how these variables can be navigated to enhance community resilience. This task requires a detailed understanding of current capacities, preparation and response strategies, communication pathways and local governance structures.

Research team

Type Project Research team
CRC Core Project Northern Australian bushfire and natural hazard training bsithole
27 Aug 2019
In order to change a culture you must first understand it. Lessons for for community engagement...
Training as Research and Research as Training in remote north Australia
19 Sep 2018
The ‘BNH Training for Remote Communities’ was initially perceived as training for ranger group...
Scoping remote North Australian community resilience
18 Aug 2015
"Why yous mob only want to talk about big disasters, us mob are vulnerable to small ones too" -...
Scoping community resilience
25 Aug 2014
Scoping community resilience through participatory action research (PAR) in Northern territory...

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