Dr Sarah Hall

PhD student
Dr Sarah Hall

Sarah was a PhD candidate in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science and during her honours year investigated the effect of an emergency alarm and mobilisation on stress physiology, which won a Deakin University Vice Chancellors award.

For her PhD, Sarah is studying the effect of working on-call from home on the sleep and physiological stress of fire and emergency service workers. Sarah’s supervisors are Dr Brad Aisbett and Dr Anne Turner (Deakin University), Professor Sally Ferguson (Central Queensland University) and Dr Sam Robertson (Victoria University). Brad and Sally have both previously conducted research with the support of the Bushfire Co-Operative Research Centre focused on job‐specific fitness, fatigue, hydration and nutrition, and cardiovascular health of Australia’s firefighters.

Sarah has been a regular presenter at the Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council Work Health and Safety Technical Group and has presented the findings of her systematic review on the effect of on-call work on sleep and stress and the findings of her honours year at Australasian Sleep Association Sleep DownUnder conferences.

Sarah is currently recruiting for studies investigating the sleep and stress of on-call fire and emergency service workers (first responders and duty officers). If you would like more information about these studies please visit https://www.facebook.com/OccupationalExerciseScience/photos/pcb.526924954134097/526924777467448/?type=3&theater or email Sarah at sarahjah@deakin.edu.au

Student project

This research is examining the effect of working on-call on the sleep and physiological stress of fire and emergency service workers. Male fire and emergency service workers aged 18-75 are being recruited for the study. Sleep, wake and work patterns will be recorded during a two-week period, as well saliva samples. The study seeks to understand what happens to a person’s physiology when an emergency call occurs overnight, and what happens on nights when an individual is on-call, but no call occurs.
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Research team

Type Project Research team
Tactical Research Fund SES fit for task Caleb Lewis, cwalker, Georgia Verry, asilk, rtait, blarsen, shall, Jamie Tait, Angus Pike
Stress in fire and emergency service workers operating on-call from home
30 Jun 2017
How does working on-call from home affect your stress? Are you stressed in anticipation to a night...
Sarah Hall Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
How does operating on-call from home impact sleep, even when no call occurs?

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