Prananda Navitas

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Prananda Navitas

I am a doctoral student at the Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of
Technology, Brisbane. Prior to my studies at QUT, I taught at the Department of Urban and
Regional Planning (DURP), Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya,
Indonesia for five years. In 2014, I received a commendation from the Indonesian Ministry of
Education and Culture for outstanding achievement as a student counsellor.

Recently, I have edited and published a book with a colleague from the DURP, ITS. The book
is titled Perspektif Pengembangan Wilayah dan Kota (Perspectives in Regional and Urban

My educational background includes an M.Eng. in Urban Planning and Design from Tongji
University Shanghai, China, and an M.Sc. in Urban Studies from Bauhaus University Weimar,
Germany. I also have a B.Eng. in Architecture from ITS, Surabaya, Indonesia. In my free time,
I enjoy going on road trips with my family.

Student project

Bushfire mitigation and management are likely to become more significant with climate change increasingly threatening and the continued spread of urban and suburban growth in Australia. Unlike other natural hazards, bushfires can be foreseen, prevented and combated to a certain degree to minimise their risk and impact. Land use planning is widely acknowledged as an important means of reducing the community's vulnerability to natural hazards. Land use policies and programs offer a diverse set of strategies for management of bushfire hazard risk.

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